The Augmented Reality Text app. Create words, phrases or even entire paragraphs in AR virtual reality in your own environment, with easy and accurate positioning controls. Change text font, size and texture, and choose from a range of 3D emojis. Take AR photos and videos, and share them with your friends.

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Interact with multiple Augmented Reality text and emoji objects in your own real-world environment.

Easy to Use

Precise positioning controls allow AR text and emojis to be located and moved and modified with ease and accuracy.

Text Library

Save your favorite words, phrases and paragraphs to your personal text library for quick and easy re-use.

Text Styling

Choose from a range of textures including aluminum, wood, stone and glass. Easily control text size, width, font and depth.

Realistic AR

Apple's new Reality Kit enables text and emojis to cast realistic shadows and reflect the ambient light. 'People occlusion' allows people to pass both behind and in front of your objects.


As with any text message, you can add some impact by adding one or more AR emojis. Each can be easily resized, rotated and re-positioned.

App Extension

You can send text straight to Textar from text apps such as Apple Notes. Look for the new Textar icon in your sharing menu.


Here's a quick look inside.

Also for iPad

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Textar is free. But you can upgrade to the Textar Powerpack to unlock additional functionality.

Textar Free

  • AR Text objects: 2
  • AR Emojis: 4
  • Textures: 6
  • Fonts: 2

Textar PowerPack

  • AR Text objects: Unlimited
  • AR Emojis: All
  • Textures: All
  • Fonts: All

Prices are in U.S. Dollars


Some answers to a few common questions.

You can download Textar from the Apple App Store for free and use all of its functionality. An in-app purchase is available to unlock all its additional features such as extra text objects, extra emojis, more textures and more fonts.

Augmented Reality works best with flat surfaces in good light.

Text and emojis can be attached to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Scan the surface by slowly rotating your device up and down, left and right, and also by moving it slowly towards and away from the surface. Only small movements are required.

If the object doesn't sit straight when it's first placed, simply double-tap to re-seat it.

Either use the object selector on the first tab of the Control Panel. Or simply tap the object on the screen.

Single-Tap to select an AR object.

Double-Tap to reposition or re-seat an object.

Swipe Left or Right to spin the currently selected object 360 degrees.

Swipe Up or Down to jump or squash the currently selected object.

Swipe Down on the Control Panel to temporarily hide it.

Manipulating objects by touch is quite difficult to control and can result in unpredictable results and a frustrating experience.

Our Control Panel sliders enable accurate and easy positioning, even with many active AR objects of varying sizes.

Yes. Just Swipe it down. Tap the Gears icon to bring it back.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions, we'd be happy to hear from you.

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